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Amy - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Brubet Fields of Gold

On October the 5th 2010, Amy was attacked by another dog (in season). At the tender age of 5 months old we thought we had lost our tiny bundle. Amy was rushed to the emergency vet at Norwest but they knew they werenít able to attend her through the night. She was then transferred to Baulkham Hills where she was whisked away to receive X-rays and treatment.† After being assessed it was discovered Amy had her pelvis broken in three places (one being the ball joint), 2 fractured ribs and numerous bite wounds. She also had a herniated bowel. Amy had her first surgery at around 3am. We had to transfer her yet again to the Strathfield South Vet Hospital (Animal Referral Hospital) where Amy underwent more surgery, We had to leave her there for nearly a week as we were on our way to the Chihuahua Nationals in South Australia the next morning.


It was thought we may have to put her down, or that she might loose the use of one leg and would always limp. Amy was expected to be out of the ring for good as she had endured such a serious trauma, but her fighting spirit got her up and walking on all 4 legs after just a few weeks. She hadnít much hair on both her sides and we were unsure if it would get back to normal. Amy needed a special kind of therapy as she wasnít scared of dogs so much, but people. She started to growl and go to bite, which she hadnít done until her accident. I started taking her with me to shows so people would come and visit her to help her overcome this fear. Also a special thanks to Luci Ellem (Show Dog Training) who worked hard to help us get Amy back to an acceptable standard (for details of Luci, see the links page)


Against all our expectations, Amy returned to the ring in March 2011, and in May got Best of Breed at the Cowra KC Show, less than 8 months after we thought she might never walk again and at the Purina Spring Fair in August 2011 she got Best of Breed, Junior in Group and TITLED.

Born:† 8th May 2010

Colour: Fawn, Sable

Sire:† Allsan Iam Th Best Acheiver
Dam:† Brubet Caramel Cruz

8th October - her first day home, 3 days after the injuries happened. The photos clearly show where they operated to repair her bowel.

9th October - a drowsy girl, still very sore and having problems walking

18th October - 13 days after accident.† Up and walking around on 3 legs and wagging her tail - showing off her hair cut

25th October - less than 3 weeks after accident and her Ďzipí is clean and healing beautifully

31st October - 26 days - Amy is lively and running around, still mainly on 3 legs, although she is starting to put a bit of weight on her other leg occasionally

14th November - less than 6 weeks - She is eating like a horse and getting back to shape. Most of the time she uses all four legs, only limping occasionally. Her coat is growing well, although obviously is still much shorter than her original coat.

18th December - Just under 12 weeks later and physically she has recovered really well. Her scars have healed beautifully, her fur is growing back well (though there is still a distinctive difference between her old and new coat) and she is running and walking almost without any signs of her injuries. Mentallyónot quite what we expected; she doesnít seem particularly worried by other dogs (which is what we expected). Instead, she is afraid of people she doesnít know, so we are now working on re-socialising her. She loves to play, and is probably getting spoilt, but against all expectations, she is a fit and healthy little girl.