Chihuahuas, Long Coat & Smooth Coat

Jatona Chihuahuas

A Gallery of some of our older or retired dogs

Sadly some no longer with us, but always remembered

Phoebe - Jatona Philtron Phoebe


Phoebe & George with Phoebe’s Mum, Ring,  at the 2008 Million Paws Walk in Sydney

Gabby, our rescue dog from Dachshund Rescue Australia. We don’t know much about her except she was very timid and not in a good state, but became much healthier and happier for her last years

Pepe - Australian Ch Nigreeti Athol; Jackie’s first Show dog

Pepe & Prudence

Left: Puppies Tabatha and  Pepemint Pago (P.J.)

Right: Baby Tabatha (now in her twenties,  married and a Mum) and Jodie. And yes, the baby was named after the dog, Tabatha (on left)!

Text Box: One year old Tabatha (the baby) with Trista, P.J. And Jasmine

Jasmine’s First Birthday party. Left to Right: Pepe, P.J., Jasmine, Trista

P.J. And Pepe

Pepe and Prudence

Baby Renee (now a teenagere) with Luke and Phoebe (and of course Santa)

Four week old P.J and Tabatha

P.J. having a ball

A sleepy boy (Pepe)

Cindie (UK Kennel Club Name Cindie Too of Salakee). Yes I know she was a Yorkie, not a Dachs or Chihuahua, but she can’t miss out.

David’s first dachshund, Otto (UK Kennel Club name Otto van Ryeworth). A handsome and loyal friend who had to have daily injections and urine tests for his diabetes for over 10 years.

P.J. (Jatona Pepemint Pago). At 4 years old he also won ‘Best Head’ at a  Speciality Show in the  early 90s

Alena (Aus Ch Pedachi River Ruby)

Decoda, Jake, Candy and Patrick in fancy dress at Erskine Park for the Dogs on Parade show.

Decoda (Jatona Black Pearl)

Charlie (Littlestars Shadow)

Rosie (Kaiwa Malacite)

Poppy (Natzbratz BobbiSox) - Jake’s Mum

Prince (Mexicatl Xipilli)