Chihuahuas, Long Coat & Smooth Coat

Jatona Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a little dog with a big heart. No one has told them they are small, so often they will quite happily stand up against much larger dogs! They make wonderful pets if brought up correctly. People who don’t know the breed sometimes call them spoilt or snappy - this is the OWNER’S fault, not the breed. If brought up as dogs, with normal discipline then they are intelligent, well behaved pets. Even if you do not want to show them, they enjoy other pursuits such as Obedience - or of course just being faithful companions.

They come in two main ‘versions’ - Long coat and Smooth coat (not ‘Short coat’). However, some of the smooth coated dogs may have a ‘double’ coat which is thicker. Generally the Long coat will have nice feathering to the ears and tail, and develop a ‘mane’

THE TEA-CUP CHIHUAHUA—there is no such animal! If you get a breeder offering Tea Cup Chihuahua’s, stay well away from them. They are selling you the runt of the litter at an inflated price. They may be prone to a number of genetic faults which, at best, may cost you a fortune in Vet’s fees, or at worst may give you heartbreak when your tiny pet dies at a young age.  Many Chihuahua puppies are small for their age when young, but grow in to normal sized Chihuahuas when they reach maturity.


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